Guyana Fashion Showcase


Guyana Fashion Showcase will make its dynamic debut on May 24th 2019 at the ballroom of the Ramada Georgetown Princess Hotel in Providence. The event will feature the collections of international, regional and local designers.

Guyana…. known for its lush tropical rain forest, meandering rivers, the majestic Kaieteur Falls and delicious foods, can soon add fashion mecca to its list with the kick-off of the first annual Guyana Fashion showcase.

Come May of 2019, the focus on this South American country will switch to the spectacular 60ft runway at the Ramada Georgetown Princess Ballroom in Providence. The one-night fashion extravaganza will highlight the creations of the top international, regional and local designers, supported by a cast of models, stylists, celebrities and fashionistas…..all merging to make this event a potpourri of creativity and style and one of the region’s newest and exciting happenings.

In addition, also focusing on Guyana’s tourism industry by inviting guests to discover other destinations of the country.

This auspicious event is one where the collective Caribbean energies, similarities and unique differences can be expressed in a dynamic mosaic of true international style.

Philbert Giddings

Philbert Giddings, CEO

Philbert Giddings, the CEO and Founder of Guyana Fashion Showcase, grew-up in the night-club and entertainment arena. His father was the owner of a very successful night-club in New York during the 80’s and 90’s.

Philbert was able to tap into that experience and knowledge into becoming a top promoter of theme parties, pageants, boat-rides and fashion events.

He also heads his own construction company “PG Construction” in New York.