Randy Madray

Randy Madray is a twenty five year old fashion designer who was born in Georgetown Guyana to an East Indian father and mixed race mother. At the age of 15, because if his successes in the arts in school and his evident love for fashion, Randy was proposed by his closest cousin, Javanna, to enter into a fashion designing competition, FACTS, for students. Being the youngest he was quite nervous but emerged the winner of 3 of the five prejudged segments and eventually the over all winner. At this point Randy would have been mentored by Michelle Cole, Natasha Martindale and Trevor Rose in the competition who provided much support. Winning awarded him The Student Designer of the Year 2009 Award.
This year makes ten years since Rand Madray has been designing and to celebrate this, the brand will be launching a new collection at the St. Croix Style and Fashion Week in April and at The Guyana Fashion Showcase in Guyana in May. Randy hopes for yet another productive year and looks forward to one filled with new opportunities and growth. He believes that humility is important but you must know your worth! If you live what you do, you never have to work a day!